India’s greatest asset is the people. It is said that the future will belong to India, as this is the nation with the youngest average population.


The challenge that we face though, is the lack of skills. Since skilled workers enable manufacturing industries to become competitive, the absence of skilled workers results in a lower degree of competitiveness when seen on a global scale. As the Indian manufacturing sector evolves, greater manufacturing skills will have a direct impact on the GDP of India and India’s competitiveness.


Today, India has millions of university-educated people who are unable to find employment. At the same time there continues to be a significantly high requirement of skilled workers for blue-collar jobs where companies are unable to find good people.


Our aim is to bridge the gap between the skill requirement and capability development. This will enable India to reach its true potential as a great manufacturing powerhouse by having a highly skilled workforce. This will dramatically improve the standard of living of our people as well.


Like all great endeavours, we are starting with small steps and a lofty vision. We hope you join us on our journey towards long-term, sustained prosperity.



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