The second pillar of being a skilled worker is entrepreneurship. The flattening of the world today implies that this is perhaps the best time to be an entrepreneur. What is required to do this is a core skill combined with the rudiments of how to set up and run a business.


Micro-entrepreneurship is where a skilled worker is able to set up his own business under a shack. In addition to his core skill, he would have to know how to calculate the investment in machines, hiring people and rent and ensure that he is able to offset this with the revenue from using his skill.


With this capability, the skilled worker does not have to look for a job in a large company; he is able to create a real alternative by being independent. This can also result in pockets of prosperity and ensure that development is more evenly spread across the country since unskilled workers would no longer need to flock to large cities in search of employment.



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