The learning program will be focussed on practical skill development. The duration will be from 1 to 2 years and will be determined based on the course selected as well as the prior experience of the student in the relevant field.


It is estimated that upto 30% of the study time will be dedicated to practical work in industry. This will ensure that by the conclusion of the program, the students have not only developed a core skill, but also understand the value of the skill in industry and the difference they can make.


The education will also provide the student with exposure to other areas like business and finance. This exposure will be limited to what is necessary to enable the student to start work as an entrepreneur if he should desire to do so. To this extent, the study will be focussed on practical elements of finance rather than more complex elements relevant for banking and large-company finance.


The students will also gain exposure to science relating to their chosen skill. This will enable them to gain awareness of the impact of scientific progress on the given area of manufacture.



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