The approach towards improving the quality of life of people is to enable them to get not only employment, but also employability. Thus, a combination of factors and strengths need to be inculcated in order to make workers capable, motivated and independent.


Our approach evaluates the distinct lacunae of the Indian system of manufacturing as well as that of education today. Training programs largely focus on cottage industries or rural development. Programs that focus on manufacturing are often run by the manufacturing companies themselves. There is thus inadequate exposure to cross-industry skills and companies perpetuate their own manufacturing limitations on the workers, making this a self-perpetuating cycle.


We have identified a three-pillar structure to ensure that the students who pass through our doors are recognised as skilled workers and are able to contribute meaningfully to society, - whether it is through work in a large company or as independent entrepreneurs. The three pillars are apprenticeship, entrepreneurship and applied science.



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